Dyslexia Adult Network News Autumn 2015



Access to Work (AtW)

A meeting with senior staff from AtW enabled members of the DAN steering group to express their concerns about the operation of this programme. Foremost amongst these was our finding that, unlike other people with disabilities, those with dyslexia are sometimes asked to provide an assessment to prove their condition. We now have a firm commitment that guidance has been passed down from the Head of AtW, stating that this should not be happening.
DAN will deliver awareness training to AtW Advisers in the three UK centres during November.
In addition, we have forwarded a revision of the Hidden Impairments National Toolkit, to which Advisers refer, in order to make the dyslexia content more comprehensive.

Spreading good practice, awareness and information.

Our social media communications continue to be well used, alongside a DAN Jiscmail discussion list for those who prefer to use email. We have just started utilising the Jiscmail FILES AREA to store documents of interest. Go to www.jiscmail.ac.uk/DYSLEXIA-ADULT-NETWORK-DAN


Resolving the Dyslexia Debate Professor Elliott convened academics from around the world to ‘resolve the debate’ concerning the usefulness of the term dyslexia. A presentation followed their deliberations. This prompted responses from the dyslexia community, including a carefully worded Open Letter from DAN, which has been on the DAN website and is now one of our Jiscmail files.

Themes arising out of the AchieveAbility debate in the House of Commons in March have been circulating under the overall heading The future for Dyslexic Neurodiverse Communities. These strands include social inclusion, social justice and equality in the workplace; an assertion of the creative and innovative ND contribution to society undermined by endemic disabling systems; the promotion of a social model of dyslexia & neurodiversity emphasising Difference not Disability. There is a call for collective action and a 5 year strategic plan to match the political timetable.

See www.achieveability.org.uk/news/ AchieveAbility will build on responses it gets to formulate parliamentary questions. DAN’s Chair has made contact, since these themes resonate with us.

Dyslexia Awareness Week Scotland 2nd - 8th November Making Sense of Dyslexia
For all events see: www.dyslexiascotland.org.uk/dyslexia-awareness-week-2015
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Acknowledgements to Jon Parke

~ Respect yourself and acknowledge your achievements and abilities.
Always give yourself credit where it is due and never underestimate the value
or significance of any of your achievements.

~ Never fear failure, simply acknowledge it as feedback. If something doesn't work out, use the experience to learn what is needed, in order to change the result next time.

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