Richard Todd

Richard is a full time consultant, workplace assessor, trainer and coach in the field of Neurodiversity. He is a member of the Dyspraxia Foundation’s Adult Support team where he leads on employment matters. Richard is enveloped by a family of Neurodiversity people.

Steven O'Brien - Dyslexia Foundation

Steve O'Brien is the Founder and CEO of the Dyslexia Foundation, the leading adult dyslexia charity in the UK. The Foundation offers direct services, diagnostic testing, and accredited training.  Steve works with the not for profit sector, commercial and governmental agencies.

Cathy Magee - Chief Executive, Dyslexia Scotland

Cathy has worked since 2007 as Chief Executive at Dyslexia Scotland, a national Scottish charity which aims to inspire and enable people with dyslexia, regardless of age and abilities, to reach their potential in education, employment and life.

Becki Morris - Adult Dyslexia Support

Becki works for two charities in Warwickshire/Staffordshire area, as well as runs Adult Dyslexia Support. She supports people who are seeking employment or are employed via affordable screening and coping strategies training.  Her further specialism is access in the Heritage Sector particularly for people with neurodiversity.

Melanie Jameson, Dyslexia Consultancy Malvern

Melanie has been working with adults with Specific Learning Differences for 25 years. Her activities have ranged from facilitating an adult self-help group to undertaking assessments, tuition and staff development/CPD in many sectors. She works to raise awareness of disability entitlements and accommodations.

Margaret Malpas - Joint Chair of the British Dyslexia Association

Margaret Malpas, Joint Chair of the British Dyslexia Association. I am dyscalculic, a serial entrepreneur with a background in HR and People Development. AMBDA qualified, I am particularly interested and active in campaigning for the awareness of what dyslexia means for adults.

William Ford - Birmingham Adult Dyslexic Group

BADG is a self-help user led dyslexic group. It was started in the mid 1990's in Birmingham. It is probably one of the earliest, largest and longest running adult self-help groups in Europe.

Bernadette McLean - Principal at the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

She serves as an External Verifier for OCR (the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examination Board) and is a member of the British Dyslexia Accreditation Board. She regularly contributes to regional, national and international Conferences.

Bernadette has served on the DfES working party, reviewing assessment of dyslexic students in Higher Education and has contributed to a Dyslexia project for a number of local authorities.

Katherine Kindersley - Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy

Katherine Kindersley leads Dyslexia Assessment & Consultancy, a Team of SpLD experts. DAC works with individuals, schools, colleges and universities and specialises in assessment, training and employment consultancy.  Katherine maintains a close working relationship with employers throughout the UK, in large and small organisations, providing specialist services and effective solutions in the workplace, raising the awareness of ‘hidden’ disability.  Katherine also supports the SpLD professionals developing and delivering training courses and workshops.  She has long experience of carrying out legal assessments and Expert Witness work.

Katherine Hewlett - CEO of AchieveAbility

AchieveAbility is a user led Charity and exists to promote the talents and strengths of those who are dyslexic or neurodivergent.  We take positive action to campaign, gather evidence, provide talks, workshops and short courses. By doing this we aim to create greater opportunity for dyslexic adults to achieve their full potential and ability within education, training and employment.  We seek to work with the hardest to reach, to make a change and to communicate this value to a wide audience