Why a Dyslexic Adult Network?

The consequences of the lack of awareness of dyslexia, and related conditions, continue to be serious. Much of the focus is, quite rightly, on the next generation and on schools and education. However, we are faced with a situation where many adults do not know that their daily challenges arise from dyslexia or when they do know, they still cannot get help. 

Following a couple of years of conversations between those with concerns also for adults, such as the BDA and the Dyslexia Foundation, a consensus began to arise that we should try and tackle the most obvious issues. Margaret Malpas, Joint Chair of the BDA, set up a short consultancy process to identify the key issues and priorities. She then wrote and published the report "Adults and Dyslexia, 40 years on" to coincide with the 40th anniversary for the BDA and Dyslexia Action. This showed that the sector was fragmented and that working together would be the best way to tackle many aspects.

Who are DAN?

'DAN is an umbrella network for adults with dyslexia and other specific learning differences (SpLDs).

We are a collaboration of the major UK dyslexia charities and user-led organisations, together with nationally recognised specialists.

This expertise has been brought together to focus solely on issues for adults. 

We first met in December 2012. Our principal aims are removing barriers to success, especially in the workplace and improving awareness, to show how people with dyslexia/SpLDs can apply their strengths and abilities, rather than continue to be challenged by their very specific differences.'

Member Charities

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